Musical Toronto

Toronto is the music capital of Canada, not only for the quantity and quality of music performed but also for the diversity. But this is a phenomenon of about the last 20 years. Before this time, the music scene was more characterized by great moments, including those that happened at the places on this trail.

Massey Hall was the scene of "the greatest jazz concert ever" in 1953, which included Dizzy Gillespie and Charlie Parker (playing a plastic sax), but few people actually attended as the concert was poorly publicized and competing with a prize fight between Rocky Marciano and Jersey Joe Walcott nearby. The Four Lads got together at St. Michael's Choir School, Levon and the Hawks partnered with Bob Dylan at the Friar's Tavern and Joni Mitchell came to prominence in the '60s during the Yorkville scene.

The trail starts at the El Mocambo, known locally as The "El Mo," where in 1977, the Rolling Stones concert included a news-making appearance by Margaret Trudeau.

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