The Active Waterfront

While the citizens of York and Toronto developed the waterfront for commercial and shipping purposes, the stretch of shoreline west of Fort York served mainly for leisure and sporting activities until the demands of rail and road transportation corridors put business before pleasure. Today, Toronto’s waterfront is cut off from the city at various points by rail lines, highways and residential towers. However, redevelopment of parkland along the water’s edge is revitalizing the recreational pleasures of this great physical asset.

The stories and sites collected under the theme “Sports and Leisure” focus on some of our outstanding sports heroes, teams and public recreational areas.

This trail mainly follows the Martin Goodman trail, which extends across the city’s waterfront, overlaying the Toronto segments of the Waterfront Regeneration Trust Trail and the Trans Canada Trail. It begins at the site of the Gus Ryder Pool and bathing pavilion, the last vestiges of the huge Sunnyside amusement park.

The Stories